Minimum wages will not be modified for the second semester of 2017.

Minimum wages for the second semester of 2017 shall be the same ones currently in effect for the first semester.


In Costa Rica there are legal rules which regulate minimum wages for the private sector. The corresponding minimum wages are established by the National Salaries Council, an official entity formed with representatives from the workers, representatives from the employers and representatives from the State.

Traditionally, and up to 2016, minimum wages were adjusted every six months and consequently the corresponding list of salaries was published for each semester of the year, the list of salaries for the first semester of the following year being published in December of each year and the list of salaries for the second semester of the corresponding year being published in June.

In October of 2016, the National Salaries Council took the decision to modify the periodicity of the modification of the minimum wages list, in such a way that it would no longer take place twice a year but only once a year. Consequently, for the year 2017 one sole modification was made to the list of minimum wages, which came into effect in January of 2017 and which will remain in effect throughout the whole year, and therefore there will be no change on the list of minimum wages for the second semester of 2017.