Directions coming from San Jose

As you arrive to the city of San Isidro de El General, the Panamerican Highway (the road from which you are driving from San Jose) will turn into a boulevard (Point 1 on the Map).

The first block of the boulevard (on your right hand side) will be a long one. The second block will be a normal one. At the end of the second block (Point 2 on the Map), turn right. The street you will be in is 4th Street.

Follow the street straight forward for four blocks. You will be heading South. At the end of the fourth block (Point 3 on the Map), you will arrive to Avenue 2. Turn right at this point.

On Avenue 2, continue for one block (you are heading West) and then turn right again (Point 4 on the Map); the street you will get into is 6th Street.

Once you are on 6th Street you will be heading North. Towards the end of the block, you will see our building on the right hand side (Point 5 on the Map).